Estimating the move

When it comes to estimating the move, we advise you make an appointment for a visit. You could, however, decide to do the estimate yourself using our online calculator.


A visit, where one of our employees will come to you to provide an estimate of the amount of items and the time required, gives you a reliable estimate of the upcoming project. It also gives us the information we need to present you with a set price for the entire move.

Planning this visit is very simple. After we receive your application we will make an appointment as quickly as possible for the date and time when we will come to you.

An experienced mover, who is also specifically trained to make these estimates, will come to you and make an inventory of the items in your home. Based on this inventory we will calculate the price for your relocation. This is a set price and will therefore not change afterwards. This means that there is no change in costs due to unforeseen circumstances on moving day. We could, for instance, require more time to move your items due to a malfunctioning elevator. If this happens we will of course find a suitable alternative. There will be no extra charge if this were to happen.

This gives you a clear overview of the required time and costs of your move. This clarity is very important to you. The reliable estimate allows us to plan and structure your removal appropriately.

During the visit, you will have ample time to ask our employee any and all questions ,to ask for advice or to voice any concerns. If you are unsure about the dimensions of your stairwell or have concerns about the feasibility of setting up the moving lift, our employee is able to advise then and there.

There are costs associated with this visit, but these costs will be factored into the price of the removal. If you choose to move with us the visit will be free.

This visit will, of course, take some time because we like to be thorough. This is a small downside though, as you will gain a lot of certainty and a set price for your move. Choosing for a visit is choosing for certainty.

Own estimate

There have been a lot of new developments in the moving sector. One of these developments is the ability to do the estimate of the move yourself. We also offer this option to keep up with modernisation. If you wish to do the estimate yourself, we ask you to make a complete inventory of all of you belongings using the calculator on our website. This is a viable alternative, but there are some aspects you should consider.

Our calculator uses set dimensions for your furniture. This could mean that the calculator gives too  low an estimate, which means that your move could take longer that originally thought. The calculator also does not take into consideration the dimensions of the doors, hallways and stairwells we need to manoeuvre through. All of this makes the estimate no more that a rough indication of the final price.

If you use the online calculator, the price of the actual move will be done based on the time needed. This means that we charge by the hour for the movers and their equipment. If the move takes longer than expected, the price will be higher than expected.

Other services

We offer other services besides moving entire households’ worth of items. You could rent just a moving lift if you have your own vehicle. It is also possible to request a single mover to manoeuvre several heavy items out of your home. If you wish to make an appointment which deviates from the standard removal, please contact our customer service. We will gladly help you find a solution to your problem.