You take the leap and move abroad for your work. This involves a considerable amount of arrangement and uncertainty. You are facing many different questions: How does an international relocation differ from a move in your own country? How do I find a home in the destination country? What do I take to my new home, and what do I leave behind?

We have already had the opportunity to guide many expat relocations and have seen very closely how much uncertainty such a move can entail. The move itself is often one of the biggest difficulties.

However, this does not have to be the case: a reputable relocation service experienced in expat relocations can take away all concerns about your relocation and replace them with the assurance that your move has been arranged down to the last details.

A price quotation in the blink of an eye

Expat relocation by Holland Movers

Holland Movers wants to do this for you. Our extensive experience in international relocations ensures that we can also provide optimal guidance for your emigration. At Holland Movers your wishes are central: you move in your own way.

Are you looking for a reliable relocation partner to assist you during your expat relocation within Europe? Then read on and see how we can help you with your expat relocation.

Benefits of emigrating with the help of Holland Movers

We give you a brief overview of the biggest advantages of an expat relocation carried out by Holland Movers. We will then gladly explain these benefits for you.

  • Your relocation preferences are our starting point.
  • We have extensive experience with international relocations.
  • Short-notice relocation is not a problem.
  • We offer a fixed price quotation, so there are no surprises afterwards.

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Relocation services with your wishes as the starting point

We believe that it is only natural that your move is carried out according to your wishes. In order to realize this, we always take the time at the beginning of the relocation process to review your wishes and to make clear agreements. This way you will not be faced with surprises and you will know exactly what you can expect from Holland Movers.

Your personal account manager is at your disposal. He is fully aware of all information and wishes regarding your move. He combines your knowledge with the moving experience of Holland Movers. This results in a professional move based on your wishes and our expertise.

Experience with international relocations

As an international moving company, we have established and maintained contact with many partners abroad over the years. With the help of these partners, we can offer you an optimally streamlined expat relocation.

In addition to an extensive network of capable, local relocation partners, we also offer you moving employees who have the language or languages ​​required for your relocation. Good communication is important during every cooperation process and we therefore attach great importance to clear communication in international situations. We always select our relocation staff carefully for every relocation assignment, so that you can be sure that the movers chosen for you are fluent in French, German or English if required.

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Short-notice relocation? No problem

Do you need to move abroad at (very) short notice? Our working method is perfectly tailored to expats with haste. We have extensive experience in emergency relocation. Our large team and our flexible organisation make it possible to organise an (international) relocation in a short amount of time, tailored to your needs.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your upcoming expat relocation? We are happy to assist you and are able to start the preparation process immediately after you have contacted us.

No surprises afterwards

Our fixed price quotations ensure that any unforeseen circumstances during your emigration will not affect the agreed price. You always know exactly where you stand in advance and you will not end up with unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Expat relocations in the luxury segment

Holland Movers offers various relocation services within the Netherlands and Europe and focuses exclusively on the luxury segment. We have gained experience in the luxury segment with the relocation of, for example, large canal houses and villas, expat relocations and complex business relocations.

We understand better than anyone that discretion is a rarity within the moving world. Discretion is of paramount importance at Holland Movers. Our employees will act with integrity and professionalism at all times, before, during and after your move.

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Moving abroad without worries

The amount of work and preparation that the average move takes is often difficult to oversee. This is especially true for an international move. For example, the transport process often differs from that of a national relocation and your belongings may need to be packaged differently.

Holland Movers is happy to assist you in these and other matters. Our goal is to give you a good moving experience. Whether you move from Delft to London or from Amsterdam to Barcelona: your satisfaction is our highest priority. Your dear possessions will be handled carefully, packaged appropriately and loaded and unloaded with expert knowledge.

Our pricing is always transparent: the quotation you receive in advance is not just an indication of the final price, but is binding. This way you know in advance exactly what the financial side of your expat relocation looks like.

Your worry-free expat relocation with Holland Movers

Would you like to work with a moving company that can arrange your expat relocation for you and can completely unburden you? Choose a worry-free and reputable relocation service from Holland Movers. Please contact us for more information about our services and working method. We are happy to help you.

A price quotation in the blink of an eye