Moving is often very stressful. This stress is increased when you want to move internationally. This is why we have decided to establish a new service. Our London-Amsterdam Express has many advantages over the traditional method of moving internationally, due to our personalised approach. We can guarantee a stress free moving day.

The London-Amsterdam Express shares many features with a normal move. Our movers will load your belongings into a truck at your former home. They will then drive to your new address in the Netherlands. Once there, everything will be placed in the right place in your new home. The differences between our service and the traditional method lie in the underlying methodology and mindset of our workers.

Leave it to us

An international moving company will often times use multiple modes of transport during a single move. A small vehicle will come to your home and gather your belongings. After this, your items are transferred to a truck or other large vehicle, where it is combined with the items from different recolations. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, all items are transferred to different smaller vehicles, which will complete the journey to their final destination. This system is favorable to both the company and the client, but it has some stumbling blocks.

Your items could, for instance, be damaged during the transition between two vehicles, because it has to be lifted and manoeuvred multiple times. This transition also takes up valuable time. Sometimes, part of the logistics is facilitated by a different company. This could mean that the liability and insurance are with a different company than the one you planned your move with. All of this can make your relocation complicated and prone to mistakes. We avoid this with the London-Amsterdam Express

The London-Amsterdam Express uses a single vehicle for the entire move. This means that we do not need to transfer your items between vehicles, which speeds up the process and minimizes the likelihood of your items being damaged. Because we do not outsource any part of the logistics, we are responsible for your items throughout the move.

Fully personalised service

We can relieve you of many of the stressful aspects of moving. It is sometimes necessary to get a permit allowing you to block the street for the duration of your move. Applying for this permit can be quite difficult. Communication with the municipality can be strenuous, especially when there is a language barrier. We have ample experience applying for these permits, so we are glad to do this for you.

On moving day, we have several services to make your move more comfortable. We can pack your belongings and prepare the entire move in a so-called ‘full-service’ move. For this, we will come to you and pack all of you items in boxes and we will protect all of your larger items with protective coverings. We also offer a (dis)assembly service. This means we will disassemble your larger items of furniture that can not be moved otherwise. We will also reassemble them in your new home. Because of our experience in (dis)assembly we can do this safely and efficiently. This will save you both time and effort.

Choose for reliability

We offer a set price for every move. The cost of a move is based on the amount of items calculated in cubic meters. Our two options are moves of either 20 or 27 cubic meters. The distance we need to travel to and from both locations and the time we need to facilitate your move are not part of the price. This means that there will be no change in price when there are unexpected changes on moving day.

Because moving is stressful, we are more than willing to help you every step of the way. Applying for a move is very simple. All you need to do is fill in an application form on our website, after that, we will guide you through the entire process.

Honest advice

The London-Amsterdam Express is highly suited for regular relocations with a relatively large amount of items (an average household), but it is not efficient for smaller moves. This is because we charge a set price for the round trip. A small amount of items is therefore not efficient, since you’ll be paying a relatively high price.

For smaller moves, we advise you to contact our customer service. It might be possible to combine moves. Your items will be transported alongside those of other clients. Your items will still be transported with one vehicle for the entire move. This is only possible when we have the right applications at the right time. If it is found to be impossible, we will not recommend you use the London-Amsterdam Express