Will you or your loved one be exchanging a beloved house for a smaller senior residence? Have you reached a respectable age and can you no longer stay in your current home? In that case moving company Holland Movers can move you to your new home without any worries. We have years of experience in moving seniors to their last home and know better than anyone else what is involved. We are happy to guide your move and arrange everything down to the last detail. You will be at your new location within a short time with the desired belongings.

You can entrust your senior relocation to the movers of Holland Movers with confidence!

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Why move with Holland Movers?

If you outsource your senior move to Holland Movers, you have a few assurances that promote a successful move:

  • We are a certified moving company, so you can be sure of a high-quality service;
  • With us you have no surprises afterwards. We make a realistic estimate of the relocation in advance by means of a visit to you and you make a price proposal based on this. If any unforeseen circumstances occur during the actual move, this does not affect the price agreed in advance.
  • Your wishes are central. We provide a punctual service, which means that you know exactly where you stand. We make a realistic plan and discuss this with you. We will comply with this during the move.
  • Movers with excellent knowledge of the business. Every move is unique. We carefully select our movers, so you are assured of a well-composed moving team that fits your move. We have movers who specialize in carrying out senior relocations.
  • Urgent moves arranged within 24 hours. You can also have your senior relocation carried out by us with haste. If necessary, your senior relocation can be arranged for you within 24 hours.

Help with moving

If it concerns your own senior relocation, you can most likely use some help from experienced movers. Often it is simply too difficult for older people to move heavy items. Here the movers of Holland Movers are happy to step in and help you. We will consult you beforehand regarding which items you would like help with during the relocation. Whether this concerns only the packing and transport of the belongings or a full-service relocation, everything is possible.

Full-service relocation for seniors

Do you not want to worry about this stressful last move? No problem. Our movers are well trained in senior relocations and know better than anyone how emotional this move can be for you. They will therefore work with great respect for you and will be happy to discuss in advance with you which items will go with them to the new home and which will be left behind. If you opt for a full-service relocation, everything from packing up to reconnecting your equipment is taken care of down to the last detail.

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Possibility to store your belongings

One characteristic of a senior relocation is that the senior often deteriorates in the area of ​​the home. It will therefore have to be carefully examined which household effects can be moved to the new home and which items will be left behind. Holland Movers likes to think along with you and offers you the possibility to store furniture that cannot go to the new home. It is also no problem for our moving van to deliver the contents in different places. Good planning is of great importance here. Our experienced movers are happy to help you with this.

House clearance after death

When you have to deal with a house clearance after your loved one has passed away, that is a very emotional event. The movers of Holland Movers have helped many people in recent years to clear homes after death. In many cases, the house must be completely emptied within a short time and the help of experienced movers will come in handy. Can you also use the help of experienced movers in a home clearance after death? Read more on the specific page about house clearance.

Senior relocations to far outside the Netherlands

Many seniors choose a smaller home in the vicinity of their current home, but others choose to move abroad. Some older people like to spend their retirement years in, for example, sunny southern Europe. You can also come to Holland Movers for customised relocations abroad. We offer you a complete and high-quality service.

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Would you like to request a senior relocation for yourself or a loved one? Then please fill out our online application form or contact our friendly customer service. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Request your senior relocation now and you’ll get a response to your request the same day. Also take a look at the options we offer for other private relocations and business relocations. We are also specialized in international relocations.

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