Holland Movers offers you various relocation services: both for your private relocation and your business relocation.

During or around a relocation, it may be desirable and practical to place part of your assets in temporary storage.

We are happy to tell you about the possibilities in terms of storage that Holland Movers offers you.

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We offer customised storage solutions

If you request storage with us, we will look together with you at the storage method that suits your situation. The following questions are central to this:

  • How long do you want to store your belongings?

Do you only require a storage address for a few days, such as during a move where not all furniture can be transferred at the same time? Or do you want to store your belongings for longer, for example if you are renting a furnished home as an expat and want to safely store your own furniture during your stay abroad? We are happy to help you with both short-term and long-term storage.

  • Would you like to have access to your belongings at all times?

Do you (temporarily) lack sufficient space for certain items, but do you need access to these with some regularity? Do not hesitate to contact us. We ensure that your stored goods are stored and accessible to you at any time.

  • What size are the items that you want to store?

We can offer you a suitable solution based on the size of your storage demands. Are you looking for storage for some seasonal items, such as winter sports or golf accessories, or for very large items, such as a complete kitchen? Please contact us for expert advice on your storage issue.

  • Do you have special wishes regarding the storage of your property?

One of the most important core values ​​of Holland Movers is to focus on the wishes of you as our customer. Your storage requirements are therefore decisive in determining the storage method that fits your belongings. Do you have special requests? Let us know!

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The advantages of temporary storage at Holland Movers

If you opt for storage at Holland Movers, we guarantee excellent service and a storage facility that fits exactly with your wishes. With us you always get the following benefits:

  • Storage at Holland Movers is always customised

Your wishes are central; we adapt our storage offerings to your needs

  • Storage includes safe transport to and from the storage by experienced movers
  • Storage is always provided with surveillance cameras
  • You always have access to the storage

Make your wishes regarding accessibility of your stored goods known, and we will ensure that you have access at the moments that you wish.

  • Your stored possessions are insured

The goods in our storage are automatically insured. This way you can leave your possessions with us with peace of mind.

Storage for the luxury segment

Our entire range of services focuses on the luxury segment. We have a lot of knowledge of this market and know from our experience exactly what the concerns are for relocation customers in the luxury segment.

Holland Movers offers customised moving, transport and storage solutions which other relocation companies often lack.

Are you looking for a place where you can temporarily store your furniture or other valuable belongings safely? We think along with you and offer you a storage facility that suits you and your valuables.

Your furniture stored without worries

We know from experience that it is not always easy to place valuables that you are attached to and which are invaluable to you in storage.

Our employees do everything to make the storage entirely to your liking. Safety, care and precaution are central to this.

The objects that you place in storage with us are carefully packaged as a precaution. Depending on the nature of the objects you want to store, these can for example be packed in containers or boxes. This provides a robust protective layer around your valuables.

Customised rates

Our storage offerings are always customised to you and your possessions. Thus the pricing for our storage is always customised as well. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your storage possibilities.

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Storage for your valuables

Do you want to store your furniture or other belongings safely and insured for a shorter or longer period of time? Holland Movers offers you customised storage. Please contact us via our contact page or request a non-binding quotation. You can also make use of our delivery service; take a look at our possibilities.