We offer two distinct options concerning the cost of your move. We advise you to make an appointment for one of our employees to do a walk-through of your home, after which they will be able to provide a reliable estimate of the time and cost of your move. You will be offered a fixed price for the entire move. You could, however, decide to do the estimate yourself. In that case, the move is calculated afterwards based on hourly rates.

We advise you to go with the certainty of a fixed price, but you are free to make your own estimate.


After the walk-through, you will be offered a fixed price for the move. This means that any setbacks on moving day will come with no extra cost to you. A walk-through costs €50,00, but this fee will be deducted from the final price of the move. If you decide to use our services, the walk-through will be free

If you choose to have us pack your belongings in boxes in a so called “Full-Service” move, the costs of the packaging materials is included in the quoted price.

Own estimate

If you do the estimate yourself, the cost of the move is based on hourly rates. These rates are explained below.

Travel costs

The time needed for the move starts when our movers get on the ring road of Amsterdam (the A10) from our head office. The time stops when they take the exit off of the A10 upon return.


Our movers are experienced moving items through the canal houses in the old city centre of Amsterdam. They will give advice and answer questions when needed on moving day. It is also not a problem for them do disassemble your furniture for you. For this, they always carry a tool kit.

Moving trucks

Our moving trucks are equipped with trolleys to move your items through your home easily. They also have ample straps and moving blankets, to ensure your items reach their destination safely. Because we are often asked to hoist furniture, all of our trucks carry a rope and block.

Moving lift

Using a moving lift can make a big difference during your move. Large or heavy furniture can be placed on the lift easily, instead of manoeuvring it down stairways. This greatly reduces the risk of damaging your possessions. All lifts are equipped with enough moving blankets, to ensure nothing is damaged.

Renting a lift costs €80,00 per hour. The cost for a full day is €300,00

You could opt to rent just a lift, if you have your own vehicle for transport. This costs €80,00, meaning the lift operator is free.

Weekend pricing

Due to our legal obligations towards our movers, we must charge a weekend price of 125% on movers. This price increase is only for the hourly rate of the movers, their equipment does not increase in cost.

Emergency moving

If you want to move at short notice we are willing to find an appropriate solution. Contact our customer service if you want to move today or shortly thereafter. Because of increased workload on our employees, we may be forced to charge 125% on the total cost of the move. This is definitely not always the case.

Fuel cost

For the distance traveled we charge €0,75 per kilometer, with a maximum of 100 kilometers. Longer distances will be free of charge.


It is possible to store your belongings with us for short or long periods. The associated costs are flexible, depending on the dimensions of your belongings and our storage capabilities. Please contact our customer service for options and advice.

Moving help

It is possible to hire a mover to help you move some items in or out of your house. This mover comes without transport options or a lift. Such a mover is hireable for a minimum of 2 hours.

Moving within Europe

If you wish to move internationally within Europe we will calculate a price based on your situation. For an overview of the costs for an international move, please contact our customer service.

A move between the Netherlands and Greater London will cost €3500.00. We can offer a set price because of our experience in facilitating these kinds of move. Included in this package are one moving truck and two movers.