Holland Movers uses the same working method for each type of move. We always deliver a high-quality service, so you can move into your new home or business property without any worries. Even if it is on the other side of the world.

Our way of working

Whether it involves an expat relocationprivate relocation or a business relocation, we offer everyone the same high-quality service that you would expect from a good relocation service. A list of the different facets that are handled with each move after you have submitted an application to Holland Movers:

  • An account manager comes to you to make a reliable estimate of the size of your move. This involves looking at the amount of contents, special objects, the duration of the move and the distance between A and B;
  • You will receive a quotation customised for you within a short time. The advantage of moving with Holland Movers is that this is the price that is used, even if unexpected delays or unexpected issues come to light;
  • After an agreement on the price proposal, an appointment with you is planned for the move. The moving of special objects will also be discussed with you in advance;
  • In the case of an expat relocation, all necessary papers are prepared by us;
  • We will be at your door on time on the day of the move;
  • We work with the help of the predetermined time schedule; According to the agreements made, everything is packed, dismantled and transported to the destination. At the new location everything is put back in the right place, mounted and connected;
  • Our service ends only when you are satisfied with the result.

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Benefits of moving with Holland Movers

If you move with the excellent service of Holland Movers, there are certain assurances you can count on which ensure a carefree move. These assurances provide a good picture of our moving service:

Same day response to your request

We think it is important that you do not have to wait long for a response after a request for a quote or question. You will therefore always receive a response from us the same day.

Any day is possible

Do you want to move on a Sunday or in the weekend or during a public holiday? Our service is available for you 364 days per year. Holland Movers is closed only on King’s Day (27 April). On any other day you can contact us 24 hours to request one of our services.

Full-service relocation

Holland Movers is also the best choice for full-service relocation, which means that you do not have to worry about your move at all. We will plan everything with you before your moving day and put your wishes on paper. At the time of the move, our employees will pack everything up, disassemble it and take it with moving vans to the new home or the new business premises. Here everything will be put in the right place, mounted and connected. Take the stress out of your move with the excellent full-service relocation of Holland Movers!

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No surprises afterwards

Prior to the move, an account manager will discuss the move with you and review the scope of the move. Based on this visit, a realistic quotation, time estimate and quantity of household effects are determined. You will receive a customised quote from us, which is binding. You will never be confronted with surprises afterwards. Any unforeseen circumstances or obstacles that occur during the relocation do not affect the pre-agreed price.

Insured relocation

Despite our perfection during the execution of our services, unexpected irregularities can always occur. It is therefore good to know that all of your contents are well insured during the relocation. This insurance is inextricably linked to the service that Holland Movers offers.

Emergency relocation possible within 24 hours

In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong in your preparations, you can also contact us for an urgent relocation. It is even possible to use our moving services within 24 hours. Holland Movers is happy to assist you in efficiently realizing your move. Our extensive experience with emergency relocations allows us to work calmly.

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We serve the luxury segment

Holland Movers also serves the luxury segment. No fuss, just a well arranged, complete service, carried out according to the agreement and with full-service options. Would you also like to relocate without worries and without any surprises afterwards? Then Holland Movers is the right choice for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our services or if you want to use our services. Holland Movers is happy to serve you!