Holland movers is situated in Amsterdam, but we do removals everywhere in the Netherlands, or even abroad. Despite this we will always be true to Amsterdam. Our moving experience comes from the narrow stairwells of the city centre and we have spent many hours driving through its narrow streets. This has given us the expertise to move everywhere, worldwide.

Because moving can be very stressful, we will gladly help you to make it as easy as possible. To do this, we have created a flexible methodology. When you send in an application it is always non-binding. We are available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have. If you want to make changes in your moving date, the amount of effects or the required equipment, we will always try to work with you to find an appropriate solution.

Requesting a move is very simple. After making an appointment for a visit, we will help you every step of the way towards moving day. Because the moving business is constantly developing, we have developed new solutions. You can choose to fill out your own estimate for your relocation. Our website has a clear-cut application form with a built in calculator, where you can fill in the amount of items you have. The calculator will give you an estimate of the amount of time needed for the move and the costs associated with it. When we receive your application we aim to speak to you that same day. This guarantees that all parties have a thorough understanding of the upcoming project, so that it can be done stress free.

Our team

A proper move requires the right movers. That is why we rigorously select our movers to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. Our mover are experienced with moving all sorts of items. They therefore have the insight that allows them to facilitate your move quickly and without damage to your property. We value our customer satisfaction highly. It’s our priority that your move is as pleasant as possible. We are well aware that moving can be quite stressful and tiring. That is why we offer a personalised solution that is specifically tailored to your situation. All of this allows you to relinquish all aspects of your move to us, stress- and carefree.

Our equipment

With our large motor pool consisting of properly maintained vehicles, we are always ready assist you. All of our vehicles are equipped with trolleys, which allow us to manoeuvre your larger items easily. They also have other moving equipment, such as straps and moving blankets, so we can transport your effects safely and efficiently. If you are moving to or from a storey which is difficult to access, we will use a moving lift. They allow us to move large items easily.

International mindset

We have an international mindset. This means that we are keen on establishing international relations and facilitating moves across national borders. Large distances to your current or future location are not a problem for us. We will gladly travel any distance, regardless of the travel time. Good communication is a key element of an international relocation. That is why our staff has the required mastery of the English language to allow your move to be completed without a problem, not even a language barrier.

Personal service

Each move is different, that is why it’s important for us to stay in contact with you often, so we can offer the assistance you need. When we receive your application we will attempt to speak with you as soon as possible. We aim to call you that same day, to discuss your application with you.

We will gladly guide you through the entire process, from filling out your first application to applying for municipal permits. We have several services that allow your move to be easier. In a so called “Full-Service” move, we will pack and prepare all of your belongings for moving day. If you use our (dis)assembly service, we will disassemble your furniture before it is moved, and reassemble it in your new home.

In some situations, you will need a special permit from the municipality, allowing you to temporarily block the street for your move. Applying for such a permit can be quite difficult. That is why we have a special permit service. We have a lot of experience applying for these permits, so it is not a problem for us to do this for you. All you need to do is give us your express consent and we will do all of it for you.

If, at any point, you are left with any questions or further notes, please feel free to call us. Our customer service is made up of experienced movers who are glad to help you with any uncertainties you may have. If there are any changes to your original application they will be integrated into our plan effortlessly.