Handyman Service from Holland Movers

Efficient and time saving help during your move

Verhuizing Nederland

A move involves a lot of arranging and hassle. Especially if you want to move your entire contents including cabinets and appliances. Dismantling a large cabinet or removing your floor are often time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for this: our Handyman Service. Our handymen are not only experienced handymen, but are also experienced movers. They know exactly what is involved in a move and are therefore widely deployable. On this page you can read about the different possibilities and advantages of our service.


✔️ (De-) Assembly work

Our handymen are true experts in dismantling and assembling all kinds of furniture. We are particularly familiar with IKEA’s PAX cabinets. But also other furniture is no problem for our handymen. How fast the disassembly and assembly goes depends on the amount of doors. If you have the cabinets anchored to the walls, we can unscrew them for you. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to drill holes, so we cannot secure the cabinets to the walls in the new home. This also applies to holes to be drilled for hanging TVs and lamps.


In old cities like Amsterdam, your furniture may not fit through the stairwell. In that case, we use the hoisting technique. This involves using a rope and block to safely hoist your furniture into or out of the house. Our handymen are experienced with this technique and will ensure that your furniture is safely in place.

✔️ Window Removal

In some cases, the windows of your home may need to be removed before the move. Our handymen are experienced in removing and replacing windows, especially upward-sliding windows that work with counterweights or springs. This allows us to easily move your furniture into or out of your home via the moving elevator.

✔️(Dis)connecting your washing machine

Disconnecting and connecting your washing machine is no problem for our handymen. However, there are a number of conditions attached, which you can find in our general terms and conditions. Our handymen are experienced in connecting and disconnecting washing machines and ensure that this is done professionally.

✔️ Removal of your floor

During evictions, our handyman can also remove your floor, provided it is not glued. This applies to parquet, laminate, tarp and carpet. Is your floor not listed? Call or e-mail us for the possibilities.


What can’t a handyman do?

Although our handymen can handle many jobs, there are also things they cannot be used for. A handyman cannot:

  • Connect gas, water and light (water only at the washing machine)
  • Drill holes in walls
  • Do work that the handyman himself reports is too dangerous
  • Assemble stuff new out of the box (which he has not disassembled himself)

The services of Holland Movers during your move

At Holland Movers, in addition to our Handyman Service, we offer several other services that contribute to a completely carefree move from A to Z. For example, we can perform emergency relocations, rent moving elevators and offer storage facilities. Get advice from one of our moving specialists or schedule an (online) viewing so we can apply the right services, for a worry-free move.