Are you going to move internationally soon? And will you then be moving outside Europe or will you stay a little closer? With your international relocation, Holland Movers is happy to be of service. We have already moved many people around the world.

All your valuables will safely be moved to your new home address. We will gladly tell you which customs formalities need to be arranged. Our personal approach in combination with our focus on the specific wishes of the customer makes us an excellent partner for your international move.

Due to an increase in international relocations to England, we have created the special London Express. Many expats have already used this exclusive service.

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Moving your belongings to another country?

When you move abroad, in many cases you will have to make a selection of the items that will be moved abroad and the items that have to be stored or remain in the Netherlands. In many cases a sea container is used for the move. Wherever in the world your destination is, the container comes to you by ship or truck. Holland Movers is happy to ensure that your properties arrive with care in the country of destination.

International relocation by moving van

If you stay in Europe, moving with a moving van is a good option. A moving van usually has a capacity of 20 to 50 cubic meters. Of course it is possible to use several moving vans for your international move. Are you looking for a European moving company, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Advantages of our international moving company

If you move with Holland Movers, you have a number of assurances that you do not always find with other international relocation companies. We receive a high average rating from our customers due to our customer-oriented approach, excellent service and take care of your entire contents. Some advantages of our moving service are:

We offer full-service international relocation

If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can purchase a full-service relocation from Holland Movers. Our movers will arrange everything in detail for you. If you apply for an international move at Holland Movers, a personal account manager will visit you to get to know you. Together with the account manager an estimate will be made regarding the extent of your move. A calculation will also be made of the amount of household effects that will have to be moved internationally.

A full-service relocation includes the following components:

  • Packaging, packing and unpacking;
  • Preparing for international transport;
  • Arranging all customs formalities;
  • Temporary or long-term storage of household effects;
  • Moving your pets abroad;
  • Moving your car or motorcycle abroad;
  • Relocation service;
  • Your own relocation manager.

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Worry-free international relocation

We think it is very important to be able to move abroad without worries. With our relocation managers, you will be able to outsource your move to Holland Movers with confidence. A normal relocation is already quite complicated, but this is especially true for an international relocation. Our account managers have a lot of experience in this type of relocation and know better than anyone what needs to be arranged and what you need to feel reassured. We have been active as a moving company since 2009, and in our many years of experience we have helped thousands of customers move. In doing so, we have developed several specialties of which international removals is one.

Our international moving service takes care of everything

When a move has to be transferred to another party at the border, it can cause delays or ambiguities. At Holland Movers we take care of the entire move from door to door. This allows us to offer the certainty that your property will be handled with care. You can also contact your personal account manager at any time to check on the progress. The account manager will be exactly informed of the status of the move process.

The price is fixed in advance, so there are no surprises afterwards

If you choose us for your international relocation, a price is set up in advance on the basis of the size of your move and the amount of household effects. Should something unexpected happen, this will not create any surprises on the final bill.

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International relocation with style

Moving across the national borders with Holland Movers means moving without any worries. We carry out relocations largely within the luxury segment. With us, the wishes of our customers come first. This translates into excellent, high-quality service. We gladly take care of you during your international move. All you have to do is submit your request to us and pack your suitcase, the rest Holland Movers will do for you, with great care and a lot of passion for the profession!

Expat relocations

Are you an expat and are you moving? Holland Movers is happy to help you! We have already had the opportunity to guide many expat relocations and have seen very closely how much uncertainty such a move can entail. The move itself is often one of the biggest difficulties. Check the relevant page about Expat Relocation for more information about this type of relocation.

Where are you moving to?

Are you moving to England or to elsewhere in Europe? We have already been active as a relocation service in many places in the world. Do you want to move to Dubai, Australia, America or elsewhere? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

When you are moving overseas, relocating by sea container is the best option. A sea container usually has a capacity of almost 70 cubic meters. The sea container will first be brought by cargo ship and then taken to the place of destination by truck.

We do international removals to and from these countries:

Moving abroad without worry is possible too?

Wherever your move is taking you, Holland Movers is happy to help you arrange your international move down to the last detail. You can entrust your belongings to us with peace of mind and within a short time you will be able to store your own belongings in your new home elsewhere in the world. Contact us today for your move and make use of the excellent service of Holland Movers.

We also carry out domestic removals to places such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

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