Holland Movers, the exclusive moving company

Holland Movers is an Amsterdam-based moving company that serves customers throughout the country. We have gained a lot of experience in the moving business by coordinating all sorts of relocations since 2009.

Holland Movers is happy to be the party that supports you during your move. You can contact us for various services:

  • Private relocations and business relocations
  • International relocation services
  • House clearance
  • Emergency relocations
  • Delivery service
  • Sale or rental of moving materials/equipment such as a moving lift

Our extensive experience underpins our expertise in all kinds of moving projects. This allows us to move private individuals as well as companies and agencies.

Because we are established as a moving company in Amsterdam and have been able to guide many relocations in this beautiful city, we are very agile in relocations in busy, cramped streets with little room for manoeuvring. You can also choose Holland Movers with peace of mind if you live in the heart of Amsterdam. Our expertise in Amsterdam city relocations also makes your move possible, no matter how tight your monumental neighbourhood is.

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