Have you purchased a large number of new workspaces for your company and are you looking for a reliable moving company that can take care of the furniture transport? In that case, Holland Movers is the right choice for you. We have several years of experience in major cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. In addition, we have also done many international removals.

We ensure that your business furniture is picked up, neatly packaged with protective material and then delivered to you with great care.

Of course, you do not have to worry about it and you can expect your furniture to arrive at the right place at the desired time. Your employees do not have to interrupt their work and all furniture is delivered to your company on time by moving company Holland Movers.

Transport of special furniture

In furniture transport you may initially think of transporting an office inventory, but there are even more possibilities. Holland Movers also regularly transports particularly expensive furniture or large objects, such as:

  • Piano or grand piano
  • Art work or large painting
  • Safe
  • Design furniture

Do you want to move a work of art, a safe or another special object for your company, but do not know how to proceed? We deliver customised solutions and also have the right solution for your special object.

Feel free to contact Holland Movers to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to work with you to find a suitable solution and will gladly use our expertise to carry out your special transport with good results for you.

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Furniture transport by Holland Movers

If you are looking for a reliable party to have your office inventory moved, you want security. Holland Movers offers you certain assurances that are closely linked to our core values. We always strive to deliver the highest possible quality by fully integrating our core values in​​to our services and organisation.

Since we are a moving company, we can guarantee the correct handling of your transport from A to Z. Where delivery ends, moving starts after all. We are specialized in both services and therefore commit ourselves both to safe and efficient transport and to the correct handling of the delivery of your property. We always deliver your goods to the place where you want to have them, unlike many delivery services which will only bring them to the door. Also take a look at our possibilities for delivery service after your items have been in storage.

If you purchase furniture transport from Holland Movers, you have the following assurances:

  • Your wishes come first
  • Extensive experience
  • A deal is a deal
  • Your own account manager
  • Relocation service with expertise in the luxury segment
  • Transport without worries

Your wishes are paramount

If you have specific wishes regarding the transport, please let us know. Nothing is strange to us. Does furniture need to be delivered or picked up at different locations? Holland Movers is happy to advise you on the furniture transport. Your wishes are paramount for our moving service. Do not hesitate to let us know what you want. We are happy to think along with you.

A lot of experience with furniture transport

Our moving company has a lot of experience with relocations and has already taken care of many furniture transports. You can be confident that your business furniture will be packaged with great care. Wherever in the Netherlands you want your furniture to be collected and wherever you want to bring it, it is our expertise to bring your furniture carefully from A to B.

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A deal is a deal

If you move with Holland Movers you know where you stand. We find precision an important core value. If you have made certain wishes known, for example, the time at which pieces of furniture must be delivered or how certain business furniture needs to be transported, our movers will be aware of this. We adhere to the agreements made to carry out your furniture transport for you as desired.

Own account manager

Through Holland Movers, every company for which we carry out a business relocation or a business transport will have its own account manager. This personal account manager has a lot of experience with business transports and gladly uses his knowledge to make your transport successful. This account manager consults with you about your wishes and the plan. He sees to it that the movers will accomplish this plan with good results. Do not hesitate to discuss all your questions with your personal account manager. He is happy to assist you.

Furniture transport for the luxury segment

Holland Movers is the moving service for the luxury segment. Whether it concerns the moving of the design furniture of a millionaire, small company or multinational, we are happy to use our expertise to make the transport a success. With Holland Movers you can move your estate free of hassle, without having to worry about it. We know better than anyone else how you want it. We are committed and reliable with every service we provide.

Transport without worries

We like to take away the concerns that often come with a move or transport. Often you do not know where to start or you simply do not have the time to arrange a complicated transport.

Holland Movers has years of experience in (special) business transports and gladly uses this knowledge to unburden you. With the help of a personal account manager, we prepare the transport to the last detail and handle your transport in a well-organised manner. This involves careful consideration of the mode of transport, the packaging material and the use of any special equipment such as a moving lift, moving van or crane.

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Request furniture transport?

Will you soon need a moving company that can carry out furniture transport for you? Then contact Holland Movers today. We are happy to use our knowledge and expertise to successfully carry out your transport. Even if this has to be arranged on very short notice, you can contact us. We are available 24/7 for your move.