Having furniture delivered to your home can be quite a pain. Especially when you have ordered multiple items from multiple companies. In that case, you have to wait for multiple deliveries, communicate with multiple companies and keep an eye on the big picture amidst a lot of chaos. You are often expected to be available for a large part of the day, not knowing when exactly your furniture will be delivered

We are often asked to lift a single washing machine to the second floor, because the delivery company deemed it impossible. This can happen for multiple reasons. Sometimes the they estimate that the stairs are too narrow, that an item can not fit through a corner or that the item is simply too heavy. Other times they do not deliver higher than the ground floor.

The people delivering your furniture are not movers, they are delivery men. This means that they do not have the experience that they need to maneuver your items through your home without problems. This is not ideal, especially when you want your new items delivered without damage do them or your home.

It is because of these often heard complaints that we decided to start this delivery service. Have your furniture delivered to us, we will bring it to you.

How it works

You can have your furniture, appliances or even entire kitchens delivered to our storage depot. We will then store it until you want it delivered. We can accept any kind of delivery, because of the large amount of employees and proper logistics equipment we have at the ready. We are open every day of the week during regular office hours, so we can accept and process your delivery at any time.

We have access to a large amount of storage space where we can store your items practically indefinitely. This means we can accept any delivery, no matter the size or weight.

We can deliver the items to you at any point in time. We do not expect you be available for a daypart. We will make an appointment with you for a specific delivery time, with no strings attached.

We are movers by trade, so it is no problem for us to deliver your items to the required location, even if that means moving a washing machine to the attic. Besides that, we have a lot of experience with Amsterdam’s narrow staircases, so we can guarantee that we will move your furniture up a flight of stairs without a problem.

Assembly service

If you have purchased a wardrobe or shelving unit that is delivered unassembled we will happily assemble it for you. In our line of work, we often find that a large piece of furniture needs to be disassembled before we can move it. Because of this, we have a large amount of experience with the assembly and disassembly of furniture.

Is it good for you?

Moving into your first home is a stressful experience, even though it should be a joyous occasion. Allow us to take care of all of the stressful areas of your move, so you can focus on what is really important.

The delivery service is there specifically for those who have ordered a lot of items at one time, such as expats or first-time home buyers. They often need to have all of their furniture purchased and delivered at the same time, but do not have the time and space to wait for their delivery and then store all of the items at once. We are fully capable of doing all of this for you.

If you use both the delivery service and our regular removal service simultaneously, you are killing two birds with one stone. We will be able to load all of your delivered items in to our truck in the morning, after which we will drive to your home for your other items and continue with the scheduled removal. This way, you can be sure that your removal will be completely stress free.

If your furniture is delivered to our storage facility reasonably close to the date of your removal there will not be any extra costs. Aside from the time it takes us to load your items into a truck. If you wish to store your items with us for a longer period of time, there will be a reasonable storage fee.

The delivery service is the perfect solution in a lot of cases. The ease and comfort of having all of you furniture delivered, combined with the knowledge that your items are being handled by professionals. You only need to notify us of your delivery and we will take care of everything else. With Holland Mover’s delivery service, you are guaranteed to enjoy a flawless delivery and stress free removal.