After a considerable amount of searching and organising, you finally get it: the ideal new business premises. Before you can experience the convenience of the space and the possibilities that this new business location has to offer, a move will have to take place first.

business relocation requires a lot of planning and organisational talent. Although it is important for every relocation to proceed as quickly as possible, this is certainly crucial in a business move: every additional day spent on a relocation results in loss of income.

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Business relocation with Holland Movers

Holland Movers has already been able to assist many entrepreneurs during their business relocations. As skilled (business) movers, we are ready to ensure your company experiences the least possible inconvenience during your move.

Benefits of business relocation with Holland Movers

Holland Movers offers you a number of assurances for every (business) move. These assurances are closely linked to our core values and are therefore of paramount importance to all our employees.

Control your move yourself

Your wishes are paramount, both before, during and after the move. Do you have specific relocation wishes that are not explicitly mentioned on this website? Do not hesitate to contact us; we are happy to accommodate your wishes.

A deal is a deal

The importance of precision is self-evident to us. If you make certain agreements with us regarding, for example, the time of your move, the method of packing specific objects or the way we leave your old premises, we will comply with these.

Personal account manager

For your business relocation, you will be assigned a personal account manager who has experience with business relocations and who uses his knowledge to the best of his ability to ensure the success of your move. Your account manager is always your first point of contact within Holland Movers and is at your disposal to keep you informed of the state of affairs concerning your relocation and to answer all your relocation questions.

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Business transfer in the luxury segment

Holland Movers specializes in high-end national and international (business) relocations. Our extensive experience in the luxury segment has ensured that we have been able to develop our working method in such a way that it fits seamlessly with the wishes of this segment.

In case of business relocations, it is very important that all documents arrive intact and are properly sorted at your new business address. Lost items or inventory could be disastrous and negatively affect the continuity of business operations.

In order to transport your belongings, we work according to a proven method. Below we explain the most important aspects of this procedure for you.

  • For a business relocation, first and foremost, a good plan is needed. A company in relocation wants to continue to function and serve customers as much as possible. This is made possible only with a clear, realistic plan.
  • In order to be able to make a feasible plan, we combine your wishes with our expertise. Your wishes are decisive in the entire relocation process: your company will be moved in your own way. We take care of the technical side of the planning: with our extensive experience, we are perfectly capable of assessing the organisational possibilities and how we can relocate your company from A to B with the least possible inconvenience.
  • Your wishes are best expressed through personal contact. Personal contact with you as a customer is the starting point of our approach. We take the time to listen to your wishes and get to know your company in such a way that we can perfectly adapt our relocation process to the process flow in your company. Your personal account manager is on hand to guide your move and answer your questions.
  • Our movers are disciplined and used to working according to a predetermined schedule. In case of unexpected turns during the relocation process, however, they are flexible and show their moving expertise by thinking about the right way to continue the move, taking into account the new circumstances.
  • Good packaging material is required for a business move that protects your belongings during the transport process. We have professional moving equipment that optimally protects your belongings during transport.

Business relocation without worries

Your business relocation is always organised by Holland Movers so that you don’t have to worry about it. However, you always have the last word and your relocation will perfectly fit your company and your wishes.

You determine the extent to which you are involved in your relocation. Some customers find it pleasant to coordinate each step actively, while others prefer to relinquish the entire move to us entirely and to be surprised by the result at the new business location. Holland Movers leaves the choice up to you. You can carry out the tasks you want to do yourself; and you can hand over to our skilled employees any tasks that you prefer not to carry out, without any worries.

In addition to the certainty that you will be taken care of just the way you want, we offer a second assurance: we work with fixed price quotations. There is no need to worry about the financial side of your business move. The pre-issued and approved offer is binding and the price stated on it is the final price, regardless of the course of your move.

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How does Holland Movers ensure an orderly relocation?

The appointment with your personal account manager

Since the continuity of your company should be compromised as little as possible during the move, we always take the time to plan your business relocation. To achieve this, your personal account manager will make an appointment with you for a viewing. During the tour, you and your account manager go through your entire company. The account manager will get a good impression of the nature of the work and the necessary manpower and materials/equipment for your move.

Thoughtful planning

A well-thought-out planning is the beginning of a streamlined move. After all, a good start is half the work. Based on his findings during the visit, your account manager gives you a cost indication and, after having received your approval of the specified price, he creates, in consultation with you and in accordance with your wishes, a plan for your move.

Orderly implementation

During the move, we ensure that the entire process runs in an orderly manner. We understand that your various business items must be easy to find after the move. For this we use a proven system that enables you to consult your records without any problems after the move.

Holland Movers: at your service for your business relocation

Are you curious about how we can unburden you with regard to ​​your move? We are ready to make your business relocation a success. Even if you have a home business, Holland Movers can combine your private relocation with your business relocation. We’ll arrange your move to and from cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!