Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Holland Movers B.V. , a moving company based in Amsterdam on the H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 159, 1096 AM Amsterdam, kvk-registration 66856906. To make the best use of our services, it is necessary for us to store certain data. Because privacy is our top priority, we have taken the necessary measures to optimally protect and manage your data.

Which data do we collect?

Holland Movers collects all information provided by you regarding your removal. This data is collected through our order form on our website. This can include the following information:

  • Address and contact details
  • Household effects information

How do we use this data?

The collected data are used to optimally carry out your removal, both during the pre- and after trajectory of your removal. Since we choose not to visit out customers in advance, our price- and time estimations are based entirely on the information you provide us with the application form. We do not collect your data just like that, nor is that allowed, all the data we collect is for a certain purpose:

  • You have become a customer with us
  • We provide you with a service
  • Billing
  • The operation of the website and apps
  • Contact us

How are these data shared?

Holland Movers can provide your personal information to other companies, partners, suppliers and other organizations that offer services under contract with us. For example for customer support, problem solving or to comply with legal requirements. Such third parties may be security vendors, debtor management, accounting suppliers and development experts.

What is our legal basis for collecting this data?

We collect and us data in the ways described above and for the following purposes:

  • If necessary to comply with our general Terms and Conditions
  • In accordance with the permission you have given. You can withdraw these at any time by contacting Holland Movers in writing. (By written means is understood by letter as well as digital by email)
  • To the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations
  • To protect your interests or those of others

How can you exercise your rights arising from the GDPR?

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to view, correct, transfer and delete your data.


You have the right to view the data we have about you. That is why you can request an overview from us of the data we collect, for which purpose we do this and with what kind of organizations we share this data.


If we have stored your data incorrectly, you can report this and have this data changed. This way you also help us to keep everything as complete and correct as possible.


You can request your data to be deleted if:

  • We no longer need the data for the benefit of our services
  • You withdraw your permission for the processing of the data
  • You have a specific reason for deleting the data
  • You do not believe we are allowed to store your data

Please note that we can not always meet your request. For example if we have a good reason to keep the data like:

  • We are still busy with the handling of the service or a complaint
  • We are legally obligated to keep this data
  • We have a good ground to process the data

In the event that we reject your request, we will always let you know why.

Object to the use of your data

You have the right to lodge an objection with a supervisor in the field of privacy. In the Netherlands this is the AP (Authority of Personal Data).

Security of your data

Holland Movers will treat all personal data strictly confidentially and inform all employees, agents and/or subprocesses involved when processing the Personal Data of the confidential nature of such Personal Data. Holland Movers will ensure that all these persons or parties are bound by similar confidentiality obligations.

Within our organization, relevant data for your removal will only be available to our employees on the the of the move. All internal systems that we use are protected with a mandatory strong password. In addition, a confidentiality clause is included in every employee contract.

Contact Holland Movers regarding questions

If you wish to contact us regarding your rights regarding privacy legislation or questions, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • By E-mail,
  • By mail, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 159, 1096 AM, Amsterdam, t.a.v Holland Movers B.V.
  • By telephone, 085 106 006 3

Please note that we can only accept request for viewing/correcting/deleting data in writing.