Tips by Holland Movers:

4 tips for relocating your cats


Stress is a factor that comes with many relocations: without proper preparation it can be chaos. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals. A move will therefore not leave your cat (s) in the cold coat. A move entails many changes, which are especially difficult for animals. They have to get used to a new living environment and can experience a lot of stress from moving. Reducing all these stimuli in moving cats is therefore essential.

Of course you will never be able to completely remove the stress for animals, but you can limit it as much as possible. Moving cats or other animals? With these tips you ensure a flawless move.

Tip 1: prepare your cat for the move

In order to limit the stress of the cat moving on the day itself, it is important that you prepare the cat well in advance for the move. You can do this in two ways. For example:

  1. Get your cat used to the carrier. She often has unpleasant experiences with this basket, such as transport to a vet. To make this experience go away, you can, for example, place treats in the basket or play with your cat by the basket.
  2. Use a pheromone. This provides a calming feeling for your cat. You can spread the pheromone in the room or spray it in the cat bed. It can make your cat more comfortable.

Tip 2: take as much rest as possible on the day of the move

The day of the move has finally arrived. However, this day also brings a lot of tension and stress for you. In order not to transfer this tension to your pet, it is important that they experience as little of this hectic day as possible. Before you even start packing boxes, place your cat in a separate, enclosed area. Make sure you have a familiar environment: put toys, the litter box, cat basket, and, for example, the drinking and food bowls in the room. Do not let the cat out of this room during the move, so that they will experience as little as possible of the hectic pace.

Also give the cat some love and attention now and then. This will keep her calm. It is important that the cat move only takes place when the entire house is empty and the furniture has been placed in the new house. This way, the cat can get used to its new environment right away.

Tip 3: get your cat used to the new environment first

In order to provide your cat with a familiar environment while moving, it is essential to uphold certain traditions and standards. Think of:

  1. Keep (a large part of) your old furniture for the time being. It is not smart to immediately buy all kinds of new furniture. Because of the old furniture, the cat will also have recognition in the new house and will find peace with the old furniture in connection with the smell. Only do this when the cat is used to its new habitat.
  2. Keep giving the cat hugs and don’t suddenly change feeding times. It is important to stick to standard times so that the cat will experience consistency.

Tip 4: your cat checked outside

Chances are your cat is slightly upset about the move. To let them out immediately after the animals have been moved often does more harm than good. Let your cat get used to her new environment before she can go outside. How long you have to wait with this differs per cat. This will be possible again within a few weeks. Do you decide to let your cat outside again? Then you can do the following things:

  • Provide a collar with address details. If she’s lost, others can bring her back.
  • Help the cat set out her territory. Chase other cats away and, for example, go outside to explore the area.
  • Release your cat. Open the door and let her go out herself. Don’t force anything and make sure she can walk in and out quickly.

Moving people and animals

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