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Emigrating from the Netherlands into Europe: how does that work?

Verhuizen naar Italië
Moving from the Netherlands to another European country means that you do not have to travel a very long journey, but there are a number of things that you should not lose sight of. We understand that it can be difficult to remember all these things and figure them out for yourself. That is why we help you on your way by explaining everything about emigrating from the Netherlands to a European country in this blog article.

Buying a house in Europe

Before you move, look for a house in the country where you want to settle. It will be better for you that house prices in large parts of Europe are significant than in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we live with a large number of people on a relatively small area. This makes land popular and therefore expensive.

Are you looking for the home of your dreams in a European country, then there are often Dutch estate agents who also or have a foreign housing offer in their portfolio. These brokers often specialize in selling homes in a specific country. They therefore know what the laws and regulations regarding the sale of homes in that country look like and can assist you in this. For example, if you enter moves to Belgium , to do with a soil certificate so that you can be sure that you are not buying contaminated land.

After that you can already start thinking about a moving company with a good working method and good moving materials such as sturdy moving boxes that survive the journey.

Rent A House In Europe As A Dutcher

If you want to rent a house instead of buying it, you can of course also do this through a real estate agent. However, it does save money when you search online for a suitable rental property. Of course, you don’t take the gamble when buying a house and everything has to be perfect, but with a rental home abroad it is easier to find something else if you don’t like the house.

Emigration from the Netherlands: different residential market

When the Dutch move to another European country, there are a number of aspects that often cause misunderstandings. For example, a foreign seller or landlord does not always have to tell what defects in the home are, as is common in the Netherlands. So make sure you always bring your own party to view the house. This way you will not experience any nasty surprises afterwards.


Another pitfall for a Dutch person to move to another European country is the fact that house prices are low. If you are a Dutch citizen in, for example, Belgium or Germany to look at houses, you will be surprised at the low prices. Sometimes a house in Belgium is half the price of a comparable house in the Netherlands. It often happens that this leads to a hasty purchase. If a house of that caliber were to come onto the market for a Belgian price in the Netherlands, you would do well. However, in Belgium this is a normal price.

Therefore, before you buy a house abroad, get good advice from a real estate agent with knowledge of the local housing market.

How do you move abroad?

Now that light has been shed on some important points when buying a home abroad, it is important to explain how you can best complete the move within Europe. A well-prepared move is especially important when emigrating and ensures that all your belongings arrive safely in your new home.


At a flexible moving company you can purchase separate services with which you can partially carry out the move yourself. For example, you can create a rent a moving lift or rent a separate moving van. So if you are good at moving yourself, you can partly do the move yourself.

Full-service removal company

Of course, you can only rent a moving van, but it is strongly recommended to have your move abroad carried out by a moving company. That way you can be sure that all your belongings will go safely to the country of destination and that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Moving carefree to another European country is possible with Holland Movers. Holland Movers has a lot of experience with moving internationally and employs highly skilled movers who understand the value of your assets. In addition, Holland Movers uses high-quality materials and vehicles, so you are assured of a carefree move.


If you are moving abroad for a shorter period, for example for a minor or an internship or project, you can contact Holland Movers temporary storage arrange for your belongings. So we not only provide relocation services, but we can also be of service to you with other matters that come into play during a relocation.

Especially when emigrating, storage is often desirable. We offer a safe storage option for all your belongings that you cannot take abroad. Please contact us for more information.

Emigrate from the Netherlands without concerns?

At Holland Movers you can emigrate from the Netherlands without having to worry about your move. We are a moving company that specializes in, among other things, removals within Europe.

Do you want a perfectly arranged relocation, where you have a personal account manager who will keep you informed of your entire relocation process? At Holland Movers we are ready for you.

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