Holland Movers is a reputable moving company in Amsterdam. We gained our first moving experiences in the city where we are located.

Over the years, we have expanded our work area steadily and nowadays we offer our services for both your national and international relocation. We have gained an extensive amount of knowledge from the many different relocations we have handled. From private relocations to business relocations for small companies, multinationals and agencies: you can count on our expertise.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you by briefly discussing our working method, our characteristics and our team.

Our working method

Our way of working is characterized by flexibility. This flexibility is indispensable to guarantee one of our greatest core values: our customers’ wishes are always central to their move. The flexibility of our method is reflected in the fact that you can always make changes during the relocation process. An adjustment in the moving date, the quantity of household effects to be moved or the desired moving material is always possible at Holland Movers.

We are also happy to assist you with our specialist relocation advice. In short: we do everything to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We do this by taking over your relocation-related matters as much as you wish.

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Our characteristics

It is our passion to offer you high-quality moving services. We focus on the premium segment and guarantee our discrete relocation service.

Below you will find some of our characteristics.

Stress-free, well-executed relocation

Moving is a stressful affair. Choosing a reputable moving company will take away a lot of stress. Holland Movers aims to carry out every move according to the customer’s wishes. We are well aware of the trust our customers place in us and we therefore strive to carry out every move with the utmost care and perfection.

Internationally established

Over the years we have built up an extensive and stable network of international moving partners. With the help of these partners, we can completely unburden you, even when you move from or to abroad. Do you intend to move from or to a foreign country? Holland Movers is your ideal moving partner and is at your disposal with advice and assistance.

During relocation work abroad, communication is of great importance for the move to run smoothly. In order not to be bothered by a language barrier, the relocation employees carefully selected for you during your international move speak French, German or English..

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Personal service

Every move is different, because each client is different and has his/her own relocation needs. We are happy to adjust our services to your wishes. If you request our relocation services, we will contact you the same day to discuss your moving needs.

Depending on your wishes, we schedule a viewing appointment. We will then visit you to make an accurate estimate of your contents. If you would like to discuss the move from a distance rather than on location, this is of course also possible.

Our level of involvement in your move is entirely up to you. Do you only want help with the actual relocation of your belongings? Or do you want a full-service relocation where your belongings are packed and unpacked, your furniture is disassembled and assembled and any exemptions are requested for you?

Holland Movers adapts to your relocation needs.

Our team

For every relocation request that arrives at Holland Movers, we put together an optimal moving team for the assignment. In this way we know for sure that the different employees are well attuned to each other. The team specially selected for you also has the right experience and expertise to bring your move to a successful conclusion.

Our relocation employees form a good team, but have different specialties. Thoughtful team effort ensures that the employees can complement each other in a coordinated manner and can act both quickly and accurately.

All our different teams and our different employees with their different specialties have a common denominator: Customer friendliness comes first. A move is not successful for us if only your belongings have arrived at the place of destination without damage, but only if you are also happy and have experienced the move as pleasant and stress-free.

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