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An object permit in Amsterdam:
How does it work?

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Are you moving in or around Amsterdam soon and have a moving lift in Amsterdam needed? Do you need to place objects in the Amsterdam streets for your renovation and do they need to remain standing for a certain period of time? For some objects it may be that an object permit in Amsterdam is required. You may not just place objects on the road and leave them indefinitely. In which situations you need this permit or whether you are only satisfied with a report, we will discuss in this blog.

Notification at the municipality of Amsterdam

If you are going to move or renovate in the near future and you are occupying a certain area in Amsterdam for a (un) definite period of time, you must report this to the municipality of Amsterdam. For example, it could well be that you want to place a moving lift in the streets of Amsterdam or that several rubbish containers are needed. For example, these objects occupy a parking space or block the sidewalk. However, not every object requires an Amsterdam object permit. Below we discuss the cases in which the municipality is only satisfied with a report:

  • Moving elevator without registration
  • Building material
  • Mobile fence
  • Mobile scaffold
  • Mobile toilet
  • Generator
  • Container for debris or waste
  • Aerial platform without registration

This applies to placing these objects on the sidewalk or near one or more parking spaces.

What conditions for your object permit in Amsterdam

However, there are several conditions attached to these cases. If the situation does not meet the conditions, an object permit for Amsterdam is still required. These conditions are as follows:

  • The object is placed for a move or renovation;
  • The maximum object counts three.
  • The maximum parking spaces has two;
  • Your object (apart from the scaffolding and lifts) is a maximum of 2.4 by 4.5 by 2.75 meters;
  • Your object does not occupy the sidewalk and a parking space;
  • There are ramps under the debris container;
  • You have not made more than three reports for that location in the last 12 months;
  • In a shopping street, you can remove your containers on weekends and holidays;
  • You leave the object for a maximum of seven days;
  • On King’s Day and New Year’s Eve, do not leave any objects;
  • The environment remains clearly visible and is easy to pass;
  • Pedestrians can walk under the jetty.

Does your situation meet the above conditions? Then the municipality is satisfied with an object notification. Are you unable to meet one of the above requirements? Then an object permit Amsterdam is mandatory.

How to apply for an object license Amsterdam?

If you cannot meet the conditions for an object notification, you must apply for an object permit in Amsterdam. As a result, the municipality retains control over objects that cause nuisance and the nuisance remains limited. If you want to place an object that does not meet the conditions, it is important that you submit a detailed situation sketch to the municipality. Here you explain why you need the object, where the object will be placed and for what time it will be here.

It is important that you do not wait too long before applying for an Amsterdam object permit. It can sometimes be very busy at the municipality with applications, so you have to wait for a certain period of time. To ensure that you have a permit at the right time, you must apply for it at least two weeks in advance.

An object permit in Amsterdam: these are the costs

Unfortunately, applying for an object permit in Amsterdam is not free. So consider carefully whether you really need the permit. The fact is that you pay for the application and not for the permit. If your application is rejected, you will not receive a refund. The costs for applying for the Amsterdam object permit depend on the duration of the period of the placed object. Are you placing the object for two weeks or less? Then the costs for this are 150 euros. For every week that comes with this, you pay 75 euros extra. Do you want to place an object for four months? This will cost you 750 euros.

Object license in other cities

It may also be necessary to apply for an object permit in other cities. This does not only apply in Amsterdam. Are you moving or renovating? Then it is important that you first inquire well about the conditions in your city. Are you allowed to place this object in public space and are you allowed to occupy parking spaces? It is often the case that this is not allowed just like that in large cities. So find this out thoroughly in advance.

Not sure whether you need an object permit for Amsterdam or other cities? Holland Movers is happy to help you. In addition to our home base in Amsterdam, we are also active in the Randstad for your removals (Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht) as well as in the Amsterdam region in for example Bussum, Hilversum and Haarlem.

Help with applying an object permit Amsterdam?

Holland Movers has years of experience in relocations and therefore knows exactly when an object permit is required in Amsterdam. In addition, we have built up a good relationship with the municipality of Amsterdam, so that we can support you in applying for a permit. Are you having your move carried out by Holland Movers? Then we are happy to help you with this application.

Among other things, we are active for your private move, a house clearance or an  international relocation.

Are you going to renovate soon or moving in Amsterdam and could you use some help with this? Request a quote now or contact us about the Amsterdam object permit for more information.